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Meme Tag: Six Weird Things

Posted on 2006.12.28 at 13:15
Current Music: new order on radio hidebound
radio hidebound listener and blogosphere compatriot deathlok tagged me, and some others, a few days ago with this Six Weird Things About Me meme.  So here goes (with a little help from my friends)

1. It's gotta be the socks! 

My feet are claustrophobic.  Well, the rest of me is too, but my feet are REALLY claustrophobic.  I hardly ever (pretty much never) wear socks and almost always wear either sandals or clogs.  The only times I wear socks are a) when there are several inches of snow on the ground and I'm wearing my snow shoes or I'm playing volleyball in a gym, and even then I wear those little girlie socks that are barely higher than my kicks are. Unless I don't wear socks playing volleyball . . . it's been awhile.

Now, I wasn't always claustrophobic.  When I was a kid growing up on the banks of the Tennessee River, I was quite the amateur spelunker.  And when I was 19, while rafting the Chattooga River, I swam through an underwater tunnel.  Granted it was only about 20 meters long, but it was also only about a meter wide and had a 90 degree turn in it so that as one entered, light from the sun was cut off and one was in total darkness, while still feeling the rock on all sides, until one made the turn, which was cut in the rock so that one had to turn on one's side in order to make the turn.  Freaky man.  OTOH, if I wasn't at least a bit claustrophobic back then I guess this memory wouldn't have stayed with me the way it has.

2. I spent several years as a non-animal flesh vegetarian.  I ate eggs and cheese, but no animal flesh - including fish and poultry.  Now I consume vast quantities of highly undercooked animal flesh, including obscenely undercooked poached eggs, center cut filets which are disgustingly bloody (actually, they are cold in the center) and of course shashimi.  Not too crazy about sushi though, not a big fan of white rice. The more exotic the meat the better.  I love venison, buffalo, rattlesnake and kangaroo.  Not too crazy about tripe.

3. I live with a feral cat.  She was a rescue as a kitten and is the strangest little cat I've ever been around.  She's not quite as feral as she once was, but she'll still only let me touch her in the bathroom, and only while she is on the bathmat, or on the rare occasion she decides to perch next to my face when I'm in bed.

4. I'm an incredible beer snob.  I'm a snob in general, but an incredible beer snob, so much so that I'm actually an ale snob.  A few years ago I found my "holy grail" of ales.  Two of them actually, both from the brewery of Anderson Valley, their IPA (for the morning) and their ESB (for the afternoon and evening).  Since my great AVBC finds, my palette has shifted and what once were perfectly acceptable ales (such as a Sierra Nevada Pale) are now quite disappointing.

5. I'm a capitalistic counter-culture refugee, as one friend says, "indie band counter culture anti-establishment dude . . . owns 2 cars and his own house?????!(how did THAT happen?)"

6. I hear things "too well".  Not unlike an untrained telepath who can't keep all the thoughts from invading his personal space, when there is a lot of background noise I find it difficult to focus on any one sound. At parties I hear every single conversation going on, and of course I actually hear none of them, even the one six inches away from my face.  Especially if there is a strong accent, like someone from Minnesota, involved . . . fuggedaboudit!!  As a result, I can rarely look at someone in the eyes when they are talking as I have to carefully watch their lips to make out what they are saying.  The better I know someone the easier it is for me to hear what they are saying as I can usually anticipate what they are going to say, or at least I'm familiar with their particular rhythm of speech.

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