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Netflix Finds - La Belle et La Bête

Posted on 2006.12.19 at 13:43
Current Music: talking heads on radio hidebound

I've been thinking about blogging from time to time about noteworthy films/movies I get from NetFlix. These are likely to be a bit off the beaten track, as why would I need to say anything about something you've already likely seen, although it's likely you might have seen this one, La Belle et La Bête.

I've long loved the myth of The Beauty and the Beast.  I suppose every insecure, romantic teenager-type feels drawn to this tale.  But I had never seen Jean Cocteau's film before this weekend past.  Goodness, what a lovely, lovely film.

Yes, yes, it's in French so one will likely need the subtitles, but it's all worthwhile.  I'm guessing knowledge and appreciation of Vermeer and Gustave Dore will add to the experience, but if one is, like me, mostly (Vermeer) or entirely (Dore) ignorant of these men, it is still a beautiful flim.  And, in my case, I have been introduced to the work of Dore, so that's rather a bonus.

Yes, yes, it's a black and white film, but there is, IMO, something truly beautiful about a beautifully filmed black and white film.  This one is definitely a beautiful work of art and I cannot imagine it cluttered by colour.  There are plenty of scenes which one will be immediately familiar with, as one will likely have seen copycat versions of them in later films. Several times I found myself thinking, "Ah, so THAT'S where that idea came from." 

If you haven't seen La Belle et La Bête, I highly recommend it, and if you have seen it, I'm guessing this little reminder just might make you want to see it again.

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