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Best gigs

Posted on 2007.01.10 at 19:55
Current Music: midnight oil (no seriously) on radio hidebound
deathlok posted his top five concerts (plus honorable mentions) a couple of days ago.  My expanded retort:

First off, I can't do five.  Maybe because I'm just not good at picking these kinds of things, but there is relatively small handful of shows that I think of as the best I've been too.

11.  Adrian Belew with the Bears as his "backing band", probably around 1990.  While it was an Adrian show, there were several Bears songs played including "Superboy" and "Honey Bee".  While I marvel at Adrian's ability to get unbelievable sounds out of his stratocaster (those days) or his parker (these days), it's always been his mayhem within the structure of Pop that gets me wet.

10. Pat DiNizio solo at this little itty bitty club in Arlington called Iota.  For a more detailed account of this show, hit the Starbelly "press page" and scroll down to the radio hidebound bit.

9. Marty Willson-Piper solo at this itty bitty pub just outside of Sydney.  Okay, if this show hadn't been in Sydney, it wouldn't make the list, but it was so it does.

8. X-Static, a really, really good XTC cover band playing at a cool club in Swindon, England.  Even had this show been in another place it would still make the list. These guys were great and two hours of live XTC songs was incredible.  Did I mention the show was in their hometown?

7. Jorma Kaukonen at the Birchmere in Alexandria in 2003.  Jorma played with Barry Mitterhoff on mandolin and those two played so well with each other and were so obviously enjoying themselves it was a great, great show.  I saw them a week later in Asheville, NC, but Jorma had caught a cold or something and it just wasn't the same kind of show.  Poor things.

6. T-Bone Burnett last year at the 9:30 club.  How long had it been since I'd seen T-Bone?  22 years ago or something in Chapel Hill?  I don't know who was happier he was on stage, him or me.

5. Warren Zevon's final DC appearance at the State Theatre.  At least I got to see Warren perform live once.  An overlooked aspect of Zevon is his history as a child prodigy on piano.  It showed this night, even if was an electric piano.  I can only imagine what a grand piano forte would have sounded like.  And, oh yeah, George and I laughing the beer right out of our nose during "My Shit's Fucked Up".

4. Midnight Oil at the 9:30 club, 2001 maybe?  Third time I had seen the Oils and about year before the band called it quits.  They were so ON this night.

3. any one of multiple Don Dixon/Marti Jones, featuring Jamie Hoover on guitar, shows.  There have been so many . . .  I love Dixon and I adore watching him adore watching Marti play.  It's so damn cute

2. WOMAD - World of Music and Dance 1993 or so. Among the many acts that day: the Levellers, Geoffrey Oryema, Arrested Development, Midnight Oil, Live, and, of course, Peter Gabriel.  A day-long festival at Merriweather Post.  A couple of stages, some great food, I was in love and the music was non-stop.  The Live-Midnight Oil-Peter Gabriel trifecta was . . . well, words fall short and all that.

1. Julian Cope, also sometime around 1990 I think, a couple of weeks before or after the Belew/Bears show at the old 9:30 club. Boy, that was a good month.  With all of Julian's hysterics I still can't believe I caught one his shows.  While it's common to hear the Jim Morrison comparison made to former bandmate Ian McCulloch, Julian seemed to somehow unconciously channel Morrison this night.  nothing obvious, no Doors covers, just an electricity that told one this dude ain't quite roight, and I absolutely loved it.

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