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Some Language

Posted on 2006.12.04 at 23:18
Current Music: bruce cockburn on radio hidebound
Sitting here watching, um . . . what is this thing called . . . Studio 60 On Sunset something or other. Not as good as Aaron Sorkin's other work, IMO, but compared to most of network television . . .

During the show, there was a trailer for some movie with Will Smith rated something but I noticed that in the little box where there are descriptions of what parents (I guess) should know about a movie, you know, usually something like "violence" or "brief nudity" were the words "some language". At first I just chuckled. Go figure, a movie with "some language", but then I thought about the truncation of the English language. I hate that this not so very beautiful language seems to becoming more and more . . . um, optional, as in people just use words without much thought of how those words might be construed by listeners and then just say something like, "well, that's what the word means to me." Like it's okay for everyone to write their own damn dictionary, screw the "generally accepted definitions" that lead to true, or at least the most one can hope for, understanding between people.

Then I thought about how football, and other sports, announcers now truncate injuries, "he's got a knee" or "he's got an ankle" or "he's got a hamstring" and how I don't think I've ever heard any announcer say, "he's got a groin". Heh heh heh.

Back to Sorkin's new show, another lovely Christmas show from Sorkin. Some musicians from N'awlins playing "Oh Holy Night" (my favourite christmas piece) and a few others and then back into Holy Night. The only problem for me was seeing two trumpets, a 'bone, a sousaphone, a sax and either a clarinet or a soprano sax on the stage and hearing a lovely French Horn counter melody in the mix. It sounded great, but felt really wrong.

Can be forgiven I guess.

Okay, okay . . . two trumpet players, a trombone player, a . . .

And why was Monday Night Football playing the Violent Femmes "Gone Daddy Gone" for a game in Philadelphia against the Carolina Panthers?

Lastly, some nice Serendipity as I finish writing this. Radio hidebound is playing Bruce Cockburn's "Cry Of A Tiny Babe". For those who don't know this song, the Tiny Babe in this song is the Christ child.


life after BGT begins

Posted on 2006.11.19 at 23:07
Current Music: bangles on radio hidebound
So what's next with the music? I took a few days off from playing anything, and when I picked up the strat today it was fun. Nothing serious today, just some fun experimentation with an instrumental I started a few months ago. I have a very bad habit of spending a couple of hours playing around with new stuff and never writing anything down about what I was playing. Fortunately, I know so little it's not too difficult to figure out what I was doing while listening to the recording and playing around with stuff. Recently I've found it's been useful to add keyboard parts since I have to write keyboard parts out and this can serve as a good reminder of what I was doing.

Didn't really come up with any serious plans for the future today. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to look for other people to play with for awhile. It's fun (and educational) to play with other people, but there is something very liberating about recording a little rhythm pattern and then adding some keyboards and then adding a little lead guitar thingie, and so on, and so on.

A few things I've learned about my musical tendencies after a few years of playing. I love layering sounds on top of each other. I still need to learn how to record them so I don't create a cacophonous mess, so I suppose that's one thing on the list of goals. While I'm pretty damn ignorant about classical music, there are a lot of things I love about classical music. I love how a pattern establishes itself, then morphs into a different pattern, morphs a little more, comes back to a somewhat altered version of the original pattern, and so on, and so on. I love how things sound with one bit of music staying the same and another pattern shifting a little bit allowing the harmonies to make things seem like they are changing more than they are.

I know, it's sound a bit like 70's Prog Rock stuff. There is some truth in that, I suppose. I grew up with Prog Rock and I quite liked it. The good news is that I'm not very accomplished on any one instrument, so for a few years at least it'll be a little more like punk prog.

Of course, tomorrow I'll decide that I really want to create a series of three and a half minute pop songs. So it goes . . .


So Long Blue Gene Therapy

Posted on 2006.11.16 at 23:11
Current Music: toad the wet sproket on radio hidebound
A little bit on the historical life cycle of what became called Blue Gene Therapy.

June 2004 - I started playing with another guitarist for the very first time.

Aug 2004 - Aissa, the other guitarist, worked with a guy who played drums. J plays with us for a couple of weeks. It was enough to whet our appetite to play with more people, maybe another drummer and a bass player. A nice little four piece.

Jan 2005 - M joins us to play bass. Some dude drops by one week to play keyboards, but that was a disaster.

Feb 2005 - D joins us on drums. The band War Weary World is born.

May 2005 - M leaves War Weary World.

June 2005 - D leaves War Weary World. Steve joins Aissa and me to play bass.

Aug 2005 - T joins War Weary World on drums.

Nov 2005 - A friend of Steve's plays guitar/drums with us for a few weeks while T is out of town, but nothing takes.

Feb 2006 - T leaves WWW.

March 2006 - Tom joins WWW on drums. Shortly thereafter WWW becomes Blue Gene Therapy.

July 2006 - Tom is off to Afghanistan for work. We were "this close" to taking that big step from out of my living room to the real world. Oh well.

From July to Nov 2006 we play with a couple of drummers, but there isn't the magic we had with Tom. During this time I'm beginning to think that the differences in musical direction between Aissa, Steve and me is slowly turning from a strength to a problem.

14 November 2006 - Our most recent drummer leaves the band. There is some frustration in BGT over this, but I've become accustomed to drummers exploding and initially think "Okay, who's next?" But a little time goes by, and as I think about going through the process of getting yet another drummer up to speed on BGT material, material which I think is starting to buckle, at least for me, from our collective differences, I bow out. Most of the logistical support for BGT is in my living room, so it's not too surprising that Aissa and Steve also decide to go their own ways.

While this is all very sad, and I feel like there is a huge hole in my chest, it really feels like the best thing to do.

Au revoir Blue Gene Therapy. Sigh.


doubt it!!!!!!!

Posted on 2006.10.26 at 15:37
Current Music: depeche mode on radio hidebound
ganked from wombat_socho

You Are an Espresso

At your best, you are: straight shooting, ambitious, and energetic

At your worst, you are: anxious and high strung

You drink coffee when: anytime you're not sleeping

Your caffeine addiction level: high
What Kind of Coffee Are You?
at least I'm not decaf.


Just Beat Bama, Baby!

Posted on 2006.10.22 at 06:13
Current Music: martha and the muffins on radio hidebound
It's that kind of a rivalry. A disappointing season can be saved by beating Alabama. A successful season can be ruined by a loss to Alabama.

Coming into the game, I really thought Tennessee would win this one pretty easily. Alabama just hasn't looked very impressive this year and I thought (or maybe was merely hopeful) that Tennessee had "found something" during the second half of the Georgia game.

Oops. My bad. But's let's start with the positive. The Tennessee defense. It was stellar, again, today. Alabama was supposed to have a pretty good running game. Not today. 68 yards rushing. Alabama returned an interception to the Tennessee ten and had to settle for a field goal. Nice job defense!

The offense, on the other hand, just couldn't get very much going. Thanks in large part to the defense, the offense got into Alabama territory something like ten or eleven times and came away with only three scores. Several times the game announcers mentioned something like, "I don't think this is the kind of defense Tennessee was expecting to see from Alabama". I don't know, maybe. What I do know is that the Tennessee quaterback looked uncomfortable and at times confused and did not have one of his better games.

He, Eric Ainge, did make a touchdown saving tackle after one of the interceptions he threw. I'm not one to say that was THE difference in the game because it happened in the first half. The complexion of the game would have been very different had he not made that tackle, but it's too simplistic to say it was THE difference in the game.

He also led the game winning, 70 yard drive in the fourth quarter. So he might not have had a good game, but it was good enough.

And really, that's all that matters. It was Tennessee-Alabama. Just win baby!


because of it's endless appeal process

Posted on 2006.10.12 at 01:03
Current Music: live on radio hidebound
Michael Jordan plays ball.

Charles Manson kills people.

I talk.


Smokey versus UGA

Posted on 2006.10.08 at 02:39
Current Music: sinead o'connor on radio hidebound
Tennessee versus Georgia

To quote one of my favourite characters in all of literature, "Oh my stars and garters!"

Tennessee got off to a horribly slow start. They looked a little like Cal did when they played Tennessee earlier this year. Prior to the last Tennessee drive of the first half, Georgia was up 24 - 7. At the start of the drive I was thinking, "okay, score a touchdown before half, cut it to 10, go into halftime, get your shit together and come out fighting in the second half."

They did.

Then a great tip-pass turned interception to start the second half and all of a sudden it's 24 - 21.

Georgia makes a field goal to make it 27 - 21, Tennessee answers and it's 27 - 24, then all hell breaks loose. Tennessee puts together a nice touchdown drive. Then blocks a punt and recovers for a touchdown. Georgia returns the ensuing kickoff for a 99-yard touchdown return. Then another nice Tennessee touchdown drive after a nice little kickoff return by Tennessee and it's 44 - 33 Tennessee with eight minutes to go.

I'm actually short of breath. Oh my stars and garters!!

Tennessee is playing so much better and faster, and I mean F-A-S-T!!!! I'm thinking this is the kind of game that can really set the tempo for the rest of the season, regardless of how this game ends.

Final score, Tennessee 51 Georgia 33. WOW. What an amazing college football (the 2nd best sport in the world) game.


Welcome to Rocky Top

Posted on 2006.09.16 at 19:52
Current Music: lloyd cole on radio hidebound
Five minutes to kickoff.  I've "predicted" a HUGE 34 - 17 Tennessee victory.  Yeah, I'm a homer.  Gotta problem with dat?

tick . . . tick . . . tick. . . . tick . . . .

"The kick is up and . . . . . No . . . Sir . . . Ree!!!!"  (thanks Uncle John, and thanks CBS for using that clip)

The Pride of the Southland Band splits the T, and HERE COME THE VOLS!!!!!

Wish I was back home on Rocky Top
Up in the Tennessee Hills
Ain't no smoggy smoke on Rocky Top
Ain't no telephone bills

Rocky Top, you'll always be
Home Sweet Home to me
Good ole Rocky Top
Rocky Top Tennessee
Rocky Top Tennessee

1st possession: Tennessee at their 21

and the first play is a deep, deep pass, wide open receiver, ball hangs up and . . . . D'oh!  Florida interception.  Good play, bad execution on the pass.  Crikey.

2nd possession: Florida at their 40

Three and out for Florida.  Here's the punt . . . fair catch at the five?????  Crikey.  That ball would easily have gone into the endzone for a touchback. 

Fiine, let's just settle down and play some TENNESSEE FOOTBALL.  POUND THAT ROCK BABY!!!!

FIRST DOWN!! at the 19.  Hmmm. . . . Florida's getting good pressure, little swing pass, not much on third and long.  And a punt, pretty nice one with excellent coverage and a good, good open field tackle. That's promising.

First down Florida at their 38.  Nice litle run for five yards.  Offside Tennessee.Ooooooooh, smack you very much by Justin "I don't need no stinkin' biceps" Harrell. But on third down, a short run for a first. Big 13 yard run by that pesky Freshman Harvin.  And a nice 8 yard run.  C'mon Defense!!!  Dang, another nice little run.  1st and 10 at the Tennessee 21.  Chris Leak buying time in the pocket, pass completed to the four and a dive into the endzone for a Florida touchdown. PAT good.  Florida 7-0.

Okay offense, let's see a little life now . . .

1st and ten at the Tennessee 35  after an up man, a linebacker, gets in a nice little return.  Nice little run on first down  for four yards and then . . . .OH MY!! tipped pass.  Whew, that could've been picked off. Pass batted back on third down and another punt.  Plus a dead ball personal foul on senior Brent Smith.  NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD AT ALL.  Huge booming punt, but maybe too booming, missed tackle, missed tackle and brought down by the punter.  By a trip which isn't called. Gator fans are going to howl about that one.  But Florida is in UT territory.  Looks like Florida is a little quicker than I thought.

HORRIBLE pass by Chris Leak.  Omigod, that was HORRIBLE.  Interception by Tennessee returned to the Florida 49.  Montario Hardesty picks up a good tough four yards.  Ainge to Meachem to the Florida 22.  Again to Meachem to the 14.  Oops, Ainge tripped by a lineman.  3rd down & 7.  This is HUGE.  Ainge in trouble.  Ainge in more trouble.  Trouble, trouble, trouble, gets outside of the tackle box and throws the ball away legally.  34 yard field goal is GOOD!  Florida 7 Tennessee 3.

Okay, maybe 37-14 was a litle overally ambitious.

Florida first and ten at the 20.  Short run, good work defense.  Yuck, nice seam route for a first down at the 33.  Swing pass for 7. Run for NOTHING.  Good sign, the defense might be getting into the game a little.

End of first quarter.  Kinda sloppy, hard to tell much really, but Florida got the touch and Tennessee had to settle for three.  Not good.  LET"S GO VOLS!!!!!!

Big third down, Leak back, he's got too much time, not enough pressure from Tennessee, and a first down.  Misdirection run for 14 yards.  Ugly play for a loss of one for Florida. Swing pass, missed tackle (AGAIN!!!!) and a gain of 8. Another ugly play, but good effort by the Florida runner for a first down.  Should've had him stopped on that one.  Basic off tackle play, stuffed by Tennessee.  Offside Tennessee, too much . . . no . . . they called false start on Florida.  Bad call #2 in Tennessee's favour (the refs did miss a defensive holding call on Florida a little earlier though).  Dropped pass at the two, but pretty good defense.  3rd and 15.  Big Big play.  And FINALLY Tennessee gets a sack.  Takes Florida out of field goal range . . . well, Florida is going to try a 50+ yard field goal which falls short and left.

Tennessee first and ten at their 36.  Wide receiver screen for a couple, run up the middle, 3rd and five.  FIRST DOWN pass to Florida 48. Gadget play . . . .wide reciever reverse flee flicker, receiver is wide open . . . He's at the 15 . . . the 10 . . . the five, dives toward the endzone . . . GIVE . . . HIM . . . . SIX . . . TOUCHDOWN TENNESSEE!!!  PAT is GOOD!  Tennessee 10 Florida 7.

On the touchdown play there was a roughing the passer call so Tennessee kicks off from the 50.  Florida tries a return from the endzone, not a good idea, down at the 7.

End around, Florida forgot to block three Volunteers!  Down at the 2!!!!  Now's the time to take this game over!

Bad pass from Leak, no damage, but Florida looks a little rattled. 3rd and 16 from the 2.  Can I tell you how HUGE this play is?  False start Florida.  3rd and 17 from the 1.  Neyland Stadium is going nuts!!!  Florida eeks it out to the 8.  A wee bit of a momentum lift for Florida.  But still, EXCELLENT defensive stand by Tennessee's D.  Punt is shanked, Tennessee takes over at the Florida 40.

Okay guys, let's get another touch here.  Anything else is a small win for Florida.  Time to POUND THE ROCK!!!!!!! 

But . . . pass to the endzone, Meachem is open but the pass is way too late, almost picked off.  Ainge sacked at the 50.  This is not what I was talking about guys.  More pressure from Florida, ball thrown away.  Well, that was pathetic.  Good job Florida D. 

This series could come back to haunt Tennessee.

Tennessee punt, missed tackle, missed tackle, missed tackle, what the . . . wait, there's a flag (whew),  a bunch more missed tackles and the Florida returner finds the endzone.  Now, Florida fans are going to hate this call, but the replays were focusing on the wrong block.  There was an obvious block in the back, just not really shown on the replay (one of the replay angles showed it for a split second).

Leak intercepted at the 22, returned for a touchdown!!!!  Except . . . there's a flag for roughing the passer.  Oh my goodness!  You've got to be kidding me!  The Tennessee defender's arm barely grazes the top of the quarterbacks head?  And a case could be made that the player was blocked into the quarterback.  OH MY GOD!!!!  HORRIBLE call on a touchdown play.  Maybe a make up call for the punt return.  But really . . . that was just HORRIBLE!

Back to the action.  Good run by Florida for a first down at their 47.  2nd down . . . nothing, nothing via a great run blitz.  2nd and ten at the Florida 47.  Pass completed for 13, 1st and ten at Tenn 40.  Option for four, pretty good D on that play.  Run for 4.  Another big 3rd down.  Backup quarterback Tebow again for three (Florida might be setting something up with these plays).  And Justin Harrell looks done for at least the half.  Pass thrown, tipped by Tennessee and dropped out of bounds by Florida.  Nice tip.  Same pass play, good D from Tennessee.  Another big 3rd down.  Ugly, ugly play from Florida, incomplete.  Now THAT was roughing the passer on Tennessee.  Maybe a make up noncall for the lousy make up call on at worst a questionable call.  And Florida misses another field goal.

This game should be in hand by now.  If this ends in a Gator win, these were the series that did it.

1st and 10 Tennessee at the 34.  Not much time on the clock and a couple of nothing running plays.

So the half ends Tennessee 10 Florida 7.  Florida looks a little more solid overall, but Tennessee has a knack for big plays this year.  Unfortunately, the officiating hasn't been up to snuff.  Both teams have been hurt by the officiating.  I'd say Tennessee is +1 on the bad call scene, but given where and when the calls came, it's likely a 17-14 Tennessee lead, maybe, possibly a 17-17 tie or a 21-17 Florida lead.

almost definite +7 for Florida on the non-called trip during the punt return.
absolutely definite +7 for Tennessee on the not-so-roughing the passer call.
maybe +3/+7 Florida on the "okay, THAT was roughing the passer" nocall.
I still think the block in the back call on the punt was a good call, one just has to really look for the call.

Regardless, let's hope the zebras have a better 2nd half.

Hey, a nice litle shout out to Uncle John from the CBS broadcasting crew during halftime.  SWEET!

As we get ready for the second half, HERE WE GO DEFENSE HERE WE GO!!!

Kickoff and . . . I wasn't paying attention . . . nothing remarkable . . .

Not eough pressure on Leak.  Not enough pressure on Leak.  Pass for a first down.
Better pressure on Leak, incomplete pass.  Good D on a second down run.  3rd down . . . need I say more?
THAT"S WHAT I'M TALKING Xavier Mitchell!!  Great sack!  Florida punts . . . and Tennessee takes over at their 39 .

Toss sweep. That's not gonna workd againgst this defense.  Pass for 15 to Jason Swain.  Nice play.  Run in the middle for a couple.  Little fight after the play, Florida gets called for unsportsmenlike conduct.  A little iffy . . . well, no, not iffy after seeing the replay.  Sucker punch to the kidneys.  No place for that crap.  I'd kick that clown out of the game. I have zero tolerance for that kind of crap.

Incomplete pass, good pressure from Florida.  Quick hitch pass to Swain in the middle to beat the blitz . . . TOUCHDOWN TENNESSEE!!!!  Beautiful play. Okay, maybe he was half a yard short . . . maybe. Awfully close call.  Yep, ball placed at the one.  That's a good call.  1st and goal at the one. Off tackle, half way there.  Let's go with a QB sneak, nope, Hardesty into the middle, a little closer. I'm telling ya, QB sneak . . . Hardesty over the top . . . TOUCHDOWN TENNESSEE!!!!  Whew . . . .PAT is GOOD!  Tennessee 17 Florida 7.

Kickoff. Touchback.  Florida 1st and 10 at their 20.  LET"S GO D!!!!!

Dangit, run for 8. pass complete to the 48, almost got to Leak on that one.  Wide receiver screen, great swarming D.  Decent pressure on Leak, pass incomplete.  Great pressure on Leak, incomplete pass.  GOOD JOB DEFENSE!!  Fair catch at the 10, probably a good decision.  Okay, nothing like a nice, time consuming, get the Florida defense tired, 90 yard drive for a touchdown.  Let's Go Vols!!

Run in the middle for . . . not much.  2nd and 10.  Same play . . . 2 whole yards.  Florida's front four and the linebackers are playing awfully well. Corner blitz from Florida, looks like a safety . . . lazy pass, could've been called intentional grounding . . . .  Punt.  Good punt, Florida called for an illegal block in the back.

1st and ten Florida at their 27.

A lot of running for maybe a yard.  Good D on that play.  Good option run by Leak, first down.  Nice pass from Leak (not enough pressure, not enough pressure) to Tennessee 37.  Good pressure good pressure, now THAT is DEFINITELY intentional grounding.  2nd and 22 at the 49, nice little pass, oh no, more missed tackles and ANOTHER missed tackle.  Oh . . . those missed tackles.  John Chavis, you may be a brilliant defensive coordinator, but can't you teach these guys to freakin' tackle????? First and 10 at Tennessee 11.  Tebow runs for four.  They're setting it up . . . .  Tebow to the four.  3rd and a long 2.  Alright, let's go D!!!  Dang, nice play Chris Leak and the Gators.  PAT is GOOD.  Tennessee 17 Florida 14.

It's a barn burner!  Thanks to Tennessee's tackle-itis.

Kickof returned to the 22. Arian Foster for three, that was looking a little better. Then Foster for nothing.  3rd and longish.  End of the 3rd quarter.

Now, some of the younger Vol fans might be cussing about the last two play calls.  I liked them.  Tennessee NEEDS to get a little running game going, but the execution on the second play left a little to be desired.  Let's see, do we have a tight end this year?  Nice, pass complete to Smith.  Whew, that was big.   Hardesty for a couple.  Ainge to Swain, first down to the 46 of Florida. Hardesty for a couple. Oooh.  Huge pass from Ainge under tons of pressure.  Complete to Swain for a first down.  WOW!  That was impressive!  Hardesty for no gain. Damn, a draw for nothing.  Damn, this Florida front line is IMPRESSIVE!  Yuck, that one was ugly. Another attempt to Chris Brown who doesn't seem to be reading the defense very well.

A 51 yard field goal attempt is . . . . GOOD!  HOLY COW!!  Tennessee 20 Florida 14.  WOW!!!!!!!

Kickoff . . out of bounds.  Trying to be a little too cute on that kick.  Florida 1st and ten at their 35. A pass for two . . . okay . . .nothing big . . . make them make play after play after play.  Goodness, a big run for 27.  Goodness.  Good play Florida. 1st and 10 at the Tenn 37.  Run for a couple.  Tebow for three maybe.  Leak back to pass, turns to run up the middle and SLIDES TOO SOON!!!  Oh My!!!  Fourth and half a yard.

Nice commercial from Liberty Mutual . . . people being polite to each other . . . oh, what a wonderful world it could be.

Now then, HIT SOMEBODY!!!!!!!

Dangit, Tebow for two.  First down Florida at the Tennessee 26.  Off tackle for six.  HERE WE GO DEFENSE HERE WE GO!!!!  Too much time for Leak, too much time, receiver wide open, touchdown for Florida. PAT is good.  Florida 21 Tennessee 20.

6 minutes 30 seconds to go.

Gerbil Heart has officially started.

Wish I was back home on Rocky Top
Up in the Tennessee Hills
Ain't no smoggy smoke on Rocky Top
Ain't no telephone bills

Rocky Top, you'll always be
Home Sweet Home to me
Good ole Rocky Top
Rocky Top Tennessee
Rocky Top Tennessee

Kickoff returned to the 23.  Pass complete for three.  NO MISSED TACKLE for Florida.  Hint, hint . . . .  First down to Meachem at the 36.  Screen to Hardesty for 16 and a first down at the Florida 48.  Pass complete for 4.  Ainge under pressure . . . ball thrown away.  Kinda big third down here.  6 for a first.  Florida offside, makes it third and <1 .  C'mon guys.  QB sneak . . . and what can I tell you?  FIRST DOWN!


Yummmm . . . she was cute . . . .

Huge pressure on Ainge, linebacker blitz totally missed by SOMEBODY . . . intentional grounding.  HUGE, HUGE play for Florida.  2nd and forever.  8 yard pass play.  3rd and 16, 2:57 left.    Not good, not good.

LET"S GO VOLS!!!!!!!!

Ainge back, throws into triple coverage on the sidelines. Incomplete.  Maybe tried to get too much on one play?  4th and 16. Ainge back and  . . . . game over.  Interception.

Congratulations Florida Gators.  Y'all were the better team tonight.

Damn it!!!


four strings across the bridge

Posted on 2006.09.14 at 21:00
Current Music: kimberley rew on radio hidebound
I haven't purchased any new musical toys in awhile.

isn't she pretty?

She's a Fender electric.  Now, I have never touched a violin and aside from some girls I knew in the fourth grade (eewww, girl kooties*) I have never even known anyone who has played a violin.  At least not any I know of.  So, I'm pretty ignorant about violins.  Like tuning them.  Yes, violins have tuning pegs, but one just uses them to get sorta close to being in tune.  Look at where the strings attach to the violin near the bridge (opposite end from the tuning pegs).  See those little gold knobbies?  These are the "fine tuning" thingies.  Once one gets relatively close to being in tune via the big tuning pegs, one fiddles with the fine tuners to actually get the strings in tune.  To make matters worse, when one is tightening strings with the big tuning pegs, one has to push the pegs into the violin or else they slip back more or less where they were to begin with.  Crikey.

So I get this lovely lady relatively in tune, plug her into my mixer and drag the bow across the strings.


Hmmmm.  Okay, so there's this stuff called rosin.  Let's "rosin up our bow" and see what happens.  I have no idea how much rosin to apply to the bow.  So I run the bow over the rosin a dozen or so times.

Nothing.  Another dozen or so times.  Slightly more than nothing, but really . . . Nothing.

The next day I Google and read that I should prime a new rosin brick by cutting a few little scrapes into it and to prime the bow for about 10 minutes.  After doing so there was a noticeable difference in the sound from the violin using the bow, but still not what I was expecting.  Another 10 minutes.  A little better.  Another ten minutes.  Significantly better.  Another 10 minutes and that was more like it!  Cool.

I mean, my playing sounds like crap, but at least it sounds.

Aissa's new housemate used to play violin in a goth band . . .  I'm just saying . . .

Let's see, have I pimped my band here lately?  One can listen to songs from Blue Gene Therapy from either Garage Band or MySpace.  Links can be found on our band's website (I know, it needs a bit of work . . . )

* okay, okay, full disclosure - I did actually have a little thing for the viola player


whew, that was a close one

Posted on 2006.09.10 at 00:34
Current Music: don dixon on radio hidebound
Being from Knoxville and the nephew of the former "Voice of the Vols" John Ward, it was impossible for me not to grow up and be a HUGE fan of Tennessee football.  Yes, I'm a fan of the other Tennessee teams, and a fan of my alma mater North Carolina in all sports.  But just as Carolina basketball is a little "more equal" among Carolina sports, so is Tennessee football.

Last week's game against Cal made me think that maybe the old Tennessee swagger is back, and maybe even a little more as some of the traditional bugaboos of Tennessee football teams of past years weren't as apparent, particulary the pathetic arm tackling that has hurt Tennessee football in the past.  The defense looked AWFULLY good last week, and the offense showed some good things too.  But I got the feeling that the game last week wasn't Tennessee playing so well as it was Cal playing pretty poorly.

Today's game against Air Force wasn't televised in my area, so I can only go by the results of the play-by-play.  The good news today was the offense.  Zero punts.  Except for the last drive of the game when Tennessee was running out the clock, UT scored on every posession minus an interception at the Air Force 12.  All of the scores were a touchdown except for the field goal on the first drive of the game.

The bad news was the defense I was hoping  to be so good.  Air Force had only two punts in the game, one in each half.  Now, I've seen Air Force play before, and their triple option offense can be incredibly difficult to defend, so this might be something of a reasonable anomaly, but one still worries a bit. 

Next Saturday the hated Gators from Florida visit Knoxville. I can't wait.  Is it Saturday yet?  Only one thing to say . . .

Go VOLS!!!!

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